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Learn more how Artificial Intelligence is transforming email marketing and find use cases that can apply to your business needs.


Black Friday email strategies, tactics, and tips to try in 2022

There is one great certainty in life: Black Friday will come around every year, and it will be here faster than you imagine. As the largest sale event of the year, it is a huge opportunity for marketers - especially when it comes to the email strategy. How not to miss it and use it wisely? What results should I expect? What types of emails perform best? Should I use automation? Is there technology that can improve my Black Friday efforts? How should a perfect email be designed? How to write a good email subject line? On the Black Friday eve, you may ask yourself many questions. The InboxSuite team provides answers and presents best strategies, tactics, and tips for the best selling event of the year.

7 Ways to Increase Results Using Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence’s rapid development made this technology accessible to many industries and professionals, including marketers. Introducing AI to your email marketing activities is now easier than you think. Let’s dive in and learn more about how you can improve your email marketing results with the help of AI.

How Can Using AI in Email Marketing Help You Tackle Apple’s Privacy Changes with iOS 15?

For the last month, the most popular discussion topic in the email marketing community are Apple’s latest privacy updates. How will this change affect email marketing programs? Is it another apocalypse time for email? What can email marketers do to prepare and how can AI help us evolve our email marketing program? We’ll have a deep dive into the topic, bring you suggestions from experts, and help you become bulletproof for any regulation updates. Buckle up!

Top challenges for email marketers in 2022 and how to tackle them

2021 was a very successful year for email marketers. According to Litmus, More than 40% of brands defined email marketing as “very critical” for overall success. Email has once again proved that it’s not dead. At InboxSuite, we are very positive about 2022; as more budgets are allocated for this year, more email marketers will be hired, and more money will flow into agencies and freelancers.

Beyond A/B Testing: Experiment with AI-Powered Multivariate Testing

It’s very likely that during your marketing team meetings, you spend way too much time discussing whether you should use an emoji in your subject line or include a colorful CTA button to attract your subscribers. What if we told you that there is a data-driven method to experiment with your email testing ideas without wasting your time and eliminating guesstimation from your workflow? Let’s get to it!

AI-Powered Email Marketing vs. Third-Party Cookies –
Not A Lost Battle, Yet

For more than two decades, companies have used third-party cookies to track and understand website visitors’ behavior online. On January 14, 2020, Google announced their plans to remove third-party cookies for Google Chrome. Chrome is the most common browser with over 66% of the global market share. Let’s take an in-depth look into how this change will affect online businesses, what you should do about it, and how AI-powered email marketing can help your company thrive regardless of this technology removal.


Ampier: Build interactive and responsive emails effortlessly

Ampier helps modern marketing teams simplify email creation workflow, boost interactive experience of your subscribers and increase ROI from email campaigns. Learn how to use it in this video.

Webinar | 7 ways to use AI in Email Marketing to boost revenues and reduce churn

During the webinar Faruk Aydin covers how AI helps manage Big Data, how to predict Customer Lifetime Value better, and how you can adopt AI in your email marketing efforts.

Knowledge base

Feeds Guide

Feeds is a system for preparing dynamic content, based on user preferences, according to predetermined rules.

Machine Learning Guide

InboxSuite allows you to reach out to more customers than you could using manual marketing engagement processes. 

Scoring Guide

Scoring shows the likelihood of a subscriber to interact on a particular website: the higher the scoring, the greater the probability to click when delivering an email to them.

Triggered Flows Guide

Triggered flows are an additional way to stay in touch with your subscribers, apart from the initial flows. Learn how to use them to your advantage.

Initial Flows Guide

With initial flows you make sure AI onboards your profiles in a way that it sends the right message to the right person at the right time. Learn how.

Subscriber Interests Guide

How to make sure you have enough data points from subscribers to make a healthy assessment to reach the ultimate goal? Read on to find out.

Website For Mailing Guide

Website is the core point that helps you use AI solutions. Learn how a properly configured website can maximize the efficiency of InboxSuite.

Data Onboarding Guide

Onboard data to InboxSuite. Learn to take advantage of detailed traffic reporting that shows the quality of your traffic channels, sources, and landing pages.

Editorials Guide

After creating the customer journey steps, it’s time to create unique editorials you can map to each flow. Learn more about static and dynamic editorials.

Case Studies

AI for Copywriting: a Case Study by InboxSuite Content Team

Does AI really create copy that feels natural, is reader-friendly and versatile? Does it actually save time? Let's find out!

Monetization Options Inside and Outside of an Email

Learn a few ideas of meaningful monetization methods that your business can use.

Reactivating 32% of Dormant Subscribers with CLV: a case study by Math&Mind

Learn how Math&Mind reactivated 32% of dormant subscribers with InboxSuite CLV

Why are Confirmation Emails Important? A Technique to Improve Double Opt-In Confirmation Rate by DailyHoroscope

Learn how DailyHoroscope improved their Double Opt-in confirmation rate.

How to double your email conversion by changing the design of your templates

Math&Mind helps subscribers boost brain activity in an entertaining manner and they use email channel to provide them with educational mathematical content. They have currently above 50,000 active subscribers and their content library has more than 800 creatives.

How Math&Mind won back inactive users with InboxSuite CLV and hit 222% ROI

Math&Mind is one of the leading websites which provides educational mathematical content. The company uses email content to help subscribers boost brain activity in an entertaining manner. Email, SMS, and Push are the main communication channels for the company.

How to Reduce Time for Content Management by 42% and Increase CTR by 23%

Learn how Trivia Buzz used InboxSuite Feeds solution to improve their content management and increase engagement.


Traditional vs. AI-Powered Email Marketing

Email marketing has been transforming rapidly with Artificial Intelligence in the last decade. Today, it’s not possible to talk about marketing without the impact of AI. What we know is that AI has moved from academic research labs to mainstream business implementation, and there are a lot of use cases.

How Do Email Delivery and Inbox Placement Rates Affect Your Revenue?

In this infographic, you can find some insights about email deliverability and get some takeaways to apply for your email marketing program. 


Top 15 Best Practices for Email Marketing Teams Featuring Artificial Intelligence

In this whitepaper, you will find email marketing best practices powered with machine learning algorithms that we at InboxSuite rely on and recommend to all marketers.

Video Guides

Ampier Builder and Figma Plugin

Learn how you can build robust interactive and responsive email templates effortlessly in this video.

CLV Dashboard and campaigns

Learn how you can apply the CLV analysis and campaigns to your email marketing efforts from this video.

Inbox Feeds and Multivariate Testing

Discover how you can power up your email campaign performance with the help of multivariate testing in this video.

Global Activity Triggers

InboxSuite provides you with a feature to target your users exactly when they’re logged into their mailboxes — the so-called Global Activity Triggers.

Inbox Rate - Overview

Find out how you can use the Inbox Rate to enhance your email deliverability from this video.

Engagement and traffic reports

Find out how you can use InboxSuite reports to stay on top of your email campaign performance.

Inbox Feeds and Affiliate offers

This video will show you how you can automate your affiliate email campaigns.

Resource Management

Find out how you can keep your sending resources in good running order and stay on top of your email delivery game from this video.