Affordable hybrid plans for accessible AI in Email Marketing

+ Flat CPC $0.15
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  • All AI-Powered features
  • Email marketing automation
  • Automated email feeds
  • Dedicated IP addresses
  • Affiliate content friendly platform
  • Performance based pricing model
  • Analytics & Data Insights
  • Ampier Starter: HTML and AMP drag & drop email builder
  • Inbox Rate Essential: Real time deliverability monitoring
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+ Flat CPC $0.10
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  • All from Basic package
  • Assisted onboarding
  • ESP transition & data migration support
  • Hands-on live trainings
  • Campaign execution recommendations
  • CLV prediction & campaigns
  • Assisted delivery monitoring
  • Ampier Professional: HTML and AMP drag & drop email builder
  • Inbox Rate Pro: Real time deliverability monitoring
+ Flat CPC $0.10
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  • All from Pro package
  • Dedicated Client Success Manager
  • Campaigns management & optimisation
  • Email strategy development
  • Custom email template creation
  • Content copywriting
  • Custom integrations
Tired of hidden costs, extra fees, excessive CPM, or subscriber based pricing?
Leverage machine learning algorithms and automation with a performance based pricing.
Spend your email marketing budget wisely and become your manager's hero.
Basic Pro VIP
Al-powered features
Content recommendations
Predictive engage-time
Email profile scoring
Experiments: Multivariate testing
One-to-One personalization
Premium add-ons
Inbox Rate: Real-time deliverability monitoring
Essential Pro custom
Email feeds ( Automated Content Feed)
Ampier: AMP for Email Starter Professional custom
Subscription manager
Automated list management
HTML Editor
Transactional messages
Ultimate Segmentation
Analytics & Data insights
Interactive Drag & Drop Editor
Multiple users
Custom user roles & permissions
Sub-accounts for agencies
Dedicated IP addresses
Content reputation testing
Initital IPs and domain setup (1 domain 1 IP)
Initital IP warm-up for Yahoo and Gmail
Email authentication: DKIM, SPF, DMARC
Custom TLS/SSL
Assisted delivery monitoring
Assisted BIMI setup
Email support
Initial ready to go campaigns preset
Unlimited access to documentation and resources
Video tutorials
Assisted onboarding
ESP transition & data migration support
Hands-on live trainings
Campaign execution recommendations
Security & Realiability
99.9% uptime (interface, API)
Data security & privacy protocols
Guaranteed 2-year price lock
Managed services
Phone support
Campaigns management & optimisation
Dedicated Deliverability Expert
Dedicated Client Success Manager
Email strategy development
One time custom email strategy setup
Custom email template creation
5 templates
Content copywriting
10 content pieces
Additional services
Email strategy development from $1000 from $1000 from $1000
One time custom email strategy setup from $1000 from $1000 from $1000
New Resource set up (domain, IP) $250 $250 $250
New domain setup $250 $250 $250
Yahoo and Gmail additional IP warming
custom custom
Custom email template creation from $150 from $150 from $150
Landing page creation from $150 from $150 from $150
Web form creation from $100 from $100 from $150
Content copywriting from $50 from $50 from $150
Subscriber data enrichment
custom custom
Custom integrations
custom custom
Email verification at import $0.7 CPM $0.7 CPM $0.7 CPM
+ Flat CPC $0.15
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Pro Most Popular!
+ Flat CPC $0.10
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+ Flat CPC $0.10
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Frequently asked questions
Is there a setup fee?
No, InboxSuite does not charge any setup fees for any plans.
How does the pricing work?
Once you get started with InboxSuite, you prepay the initial monthly fee for the plan you choose. At the end of each month, we will calculate your CPC payment based on the number of clicks you had and your CPC rate, then add this amount on top of next month's fee.
Do I need to commit for a long-term agreement?
No, you will start with a 3-month trial period, and you will need to stay with InboxSuite during this time. After the trial period, you switch to month-to-month model where you can step out for any reason without any exit penalties as you notify us 2 weeks in advance.
Can I get a discount if I sign a service agreement for 12 months or 24 months?
Yes, you can get 10% discount on the monthly fees for 12 months commitment, and 20% discount for 24 months commitment.
Is there a sending volume limit?
No, there is no limit for email volume. However, we strongly recommend to follow the guidelines from your client success manager and dedicated deliverability manager for warm-up and ramp-up phases.
How is my CPC payment calculated?
At the end of each month, the unique clicks from your email send-outs are calculated and multiplied by your CPC rate based on the plan you chose. Please note that we eliminate bot clicks, do anomaly detection checks and other procedures to make sure we reflect the accurate number of clicks. Moreover, at the end of the initial month, we compare clicks with the client's end to establish the right calculation model.
Can I upgrade my plan any time?
Yes, you can upgrade to another plan any time. You just need to let us know 2 weeks in advance and we will upgrade your plan starting from the next billing period.
Can I cancel my account?
Yes, after your 3-month trial period, you can step out for any reason without any exit penalties.
See what our clients think about us
Bryan H.
Senior Director of Email Marketing LeadPoint
We've been working with InboxSuite since mid-2020. Our account manager guided us during the onboarding phase to create our content strategy, execute email campaigns and improve overall performance. Our results went up significantly using machine learning features especially with the content recommendations. Whenever we had deliverability issues, our account manager proactively contacted us. We’re looking forward to scaling up our business with InboxSuite.