About Us

Inbox Suite, the AI-powered email marketing platform, is an innovative email marketing platform that brings everything AI offers at your fingertips to help you become truly data-driven and create valuable inbox experience for your subscribers.

Headquartered in Alexandria, VA, Inbox Suite also has client success teams in Spain and Poland. Since Inbox Suite uses their own servers and infrastructure, they’re not dependent on external services which makes the company a reliable technology partner.

Inbox Suite was created by iAge Technologies team who has over almost two decades experience in email marketing. The company was founded by a team of email marketing experts who released several products in the marketing automation space.

Companies across several industries including financial services, media & publishing, call centers, affiliate marketing and entertainment rely on Inbox Suite and generate millions of additional clicks each month.

At Inbox Suite, we have diverse backgrounds and skills, but we’re all passionate about building a more efficient and inclusive marketing community. Inbox Suite pioneers Artificial Intelligence adoption among marketing teams across the globe, and provides free consultation sessions to modern email marketers.

About Us