Ampier Builder and Figma Plugin

Learn how you can build robust interactive and responsive email templates effortlessly in this video.

CLV Dashboard and campaigns

Learn how you can apply the CLV analysis and campaigns to your email marketing efforts from this video.

Inbox Feeds and Multivariate Testing

Discover how you can power up your email campaign performance with the help of multivariate testing in this video.

Global Activity Triggers

InboxSuite provides you with a feature to target your users exactly when they’re logged into their mailboxes — the so-called Global Activity Triggers.

Inbox Rate - Overview

Find out how you can use the Inbox Rate to enhance your email deliverability from this video.

Engagement and traffic reports

Find out how you can use InboxSuite reports to stay on top of your email campaign performance.

Inbox Feeds and Affiliate offers

This video will show you how you can automate your affiliate email campaigns.

Resource Management

Find out how you can keep your sending resources in good running order and stay on top of your email delivery game from this video.