All-in-One AI email marketing suite for stronger engagement higher revenues better experiences
Inbox Suite is an innovative email marketing platform that brings everything AI offers at your fingertips to help you become truly data-driven and create valuable inbox experience for your subscribers.
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Don't limit your email marketing program with outdated ESPs
Leverage AI & Automation with Inbox Suite to secure your business growth and peace of mind.
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Engage with each subscriber intelligently with the right content at the right time using machine learning algorithms.
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Customer lifetime value prediction
Understand the digital body language of your subscribers. Inbox Suite proactively predicts engagement and revenue patterns.
Predictive engage-time
Leave out "guesstimation" for send-time and email frequency from your email workflow. Engage with each subscriber at the right time.
Content recommendations
Monitor personal preferences, interests and behavior of each subscriber, and deliver them personalized and relevant content.
Give yourself a break from exhausting email work and let the machines take over the boring tasks. Save time for things that matter!
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Customer journey mapping
Master what your subscribers want at each stage of customer journey and effectively communicate based on their needs and preferences.
Automated Content Feed
Find interesting content for your audience and effortlessly deliver them what they want to read using built-in RSS feed and dynamic content elements.
Modular email templates
Create unique, personalized and responsive messages with reusable content blocks that your subscribers will love.
Go beyond the boundaries and boost your email revenues with data-driven strategies. Inbox Suite lets you get creative with data-driven email marketing experiments.
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Multivariate email testing
Test different email components at the same time. Fine tune the winning combination for each subscriber to get more engagement.
Hassle-free email ramp-up
Don't get your email volume stuck. Scale up your business while keeping high and stable deliverability. Our Human+AI team is here to help.
Insights & Analytics
Customize your data monitoring needs and get real-time insights at subscriber and account level to fuel your email ROI.
See what our clients think about us
Bryan H.
Senior Director of Email Marketing LeadPoint
We've been working with Inbox Suite since mid-2020. Our account manager guided us during the onboarding phase to create our content strategy, execute email campaigns and improve overall performance. Our results went up significantly using machine learning features especially with the content recommendations. Whenever we had deliverability issues, our account manager proactively contacted us. We’re looking forward to scaling up our business with Inbox Suite.
The human touch
Meet your Dedicated Client Success Manager
We want to be a part of your team. You are not a "ticket" or "query" for us. Forget about call center queues, chat bots, or ticketing systems. Contact your Customer Success Manager directly via email, chat, or phone.
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Professional onboarding & Live trainings
Your dedicated Customer Success Manager will walk you through the platform, provide live trainings and resources to make you an email marketing superstar.
Easy & fast configuration
No technical knowledge to get started with Inbox Suite. We will guide you at each step and customise your account according to your needs.
Free ESP transition support
If you switch from another email marketing software, you can count on our support for a seamless migration without any confusion or data loss.
Deliverability expertise meets with AI capabilities to make sure that your messages land in your subscribers' inbox
deliverability expert
Email verification
at import
IP warm-up
Live inbox rate
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Unlock your potential with Artificial Intelligence in Email Marketing
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190% increase on your ROI by adopting 1:1 personalization
2x your subscriber lifetime value
Future revenue prediction with 99% accuracy