How to double your email conversion by changing the design of your templates

Math&Mind helps subscribers boost brain activity in an entertaining manner and they use email channel to provide them with educational mathematical content. They have currently above 50,000 active subscribers and their content library has more than 800 creatives.

Math&Mind helps subscribers boost brain activity in an entertaining manner and they use email channel to provide them with educational mathematical content. They have currently above 50,000 active subscribers and their content library has more than 800 creatives

The company’s target audience is those who want to spend a little time online while getting a workout for their brains. Along with the email campaigns, they also have SMS and push channels at work.

The challenge: Expanding the subscriber base and engagement with email campaigns by using interactive content while increasing conversion from the email channel

The company figured that they were lacking content variety in their email marketing campaigns and it was affecting their engagement with the audience. They were mostly using static email content and the activity rates were declining. Moreover, they couldn’t see any substantial increase in their email conversion with the current design methodology of their content. 

Math&Mind team requested InboxSuite to create a set of email templates which would reflect their brand identity and also unlock the potential engagement of their subscribers. The InboxSuite team also got involved in the modification of their entire design language in their email marketing program. 

Getting started with InboxSuite

“We have been running email marketing campaigns as Math&Mind team for over 5 years. As we learned about InboxSuite during a marketing conference, we started working with them. Along the way, they brought us many suggestions on how to improve our email marketing results. As we face this challenge, we asked our Client Success Manager and we got into the work together. The results we got showed that we made the right choice!"

The process: Application of new design items and email templates

InboxSuite worked on two main cases: Cross pop-up and email template designs

Cross pop-up:
We had to fix the pop-up design on Math&Mind website. It was a small pop-up with flat images. We increased the size of the cross pop-up template, made the CTA button and the images more visible. We changed the images with better ones and improved the volume, brightness and contrast on them. 

Email templates:
Math&Mind email templates were not interactive and responsive. They were not reflecting the brand identity and the emails were missing the spirit that Math&Mind wanted to bring to their subscribers. The goal was to increase the activity and engagement of the users with the email campaigns. The entire set of emails were adjusted with the new design for Math&Mind.

To find out what really works for your email marketing goals, your audience, and customers, you need to consider new campaign ideas and test different variations. The best way to stay innovative and be relevant with your audience is carrying out experiments to calibrate your email marketing program. You can learn more about email testing using AI-Powered Multivariate Testing on our blog post: Beyond A/B Testing: Experiment with AI-Powered Multivariate Testing

The Results: 3X decrease in the unsubscribe rate and 2X increase in the email conversion

As we applied the new design for the pop-up on the website, we saw 76% increase on the daily new registrations.

Application of the new email design templates, we managed to increase subscriber engagement with the email content. While open rates remained almost unchanged, the click rate nearly doubled over the last 30 days period on a chosen message template. As subscribers found the new content and design changes more attractive, the unsubscribe rate also decreased from 0.73% to 0.25% during the same period.

Over to you

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