How to Reduce Time for Content Management by 42% and Increase CTR by 23%

Learn how Trivia Buzz used InboxSuite Feeds solution to improve their content management and increase engagement.

Email marketing managers at TriviaBuzz used to spend a lot of time creating emails to achieve high engagement with their users. They were not happy with the results till they figured out the InboxSuite Feeds solution. It helped them reduce the time spent on content management. Now, TriviaBuzz team can allocate more time to work on quality content.The TriviaBuzz team has reduced the time spent on content management by 42% and increased CTR by 23% by using InboxSuite Feeds.


The Story of TriviaBuzz

TriviaBuzz is a leading entertainment website packed with brain-teasing quizzes. Email is one of their main marketing channels to attract users to the site. The main traffic monetization strategy of triviaBuzzTraffic is using ad units in their emails and ads on their  website.

Trivia Buzz has been sending entertaining emails for the last 5 years. It has a fairly large database consisting of 55k users. The web traffic is monetized mainly through email and push channels. Its monetization depends on the quality of web traffic and clicks coming from the ads on the website or in the email content.

Trivia Buzz’s revenue relies on how compelling the emails are for the subscribers. If they find these emails interesting and entertaining enough, our client receives more clicks, ad views and, finally, more revenue.


The Challenge: Finding new and interesting content for the growing subscriber database

As the subscriber database grew, TriviaBuzz email team had to spend more time on managing the email content. Reaching a larger number of subscribers created a challenge as it meant more interests to cover for those subscribers. Moreover, each year people pay more attention to the content they consume.

The TriviaBuzz team was looking for a way to supply an uninterrupted flow of interesting and fresh content that would meet the expectations of each subscriber profile.

Their main goal was to reduce the time spent on content management, automate the process of setting emails up, and increase subscriber engagement (CTR).


Getting started with InboxSuite Feeds

TriviaBuzz team has been looking for a solution that could accelerate their email marketing program by spending less time on creating emails while they could meet each subscriber’s expectations for new and interesting content.

InboxSuite client success team showed the use cases of Feeds to TriviaBuzz team. After a proof of concept and a lot of extensive testing, TriviaBuzz applied Feeds to their email marketing program.

“Our main goal was to reduce the time for content management as initially we set up each content piece and run campaigns manually. This practice took a lot of time. Together with the InboxSuite team, we decided to prepare the necessary materials for uploading feeds in a short time. We passed the content to our Client Success Manager to upload the feeds within 2 days and we successfully launched the email campaigns.


The Solution

The newsletters prepared with the Feeds contain all content elements including all the quizzes and trivia.

In the example below, you can find dynamic content elements (variables) in the Feeds. This particular feed contains trivia questions and choices. 

Image 1. What it looks like in the mailbox.
Image 2. How these variables look like in the InboxSuite Feeds.

The Results

After successfully applying the Feeds for TriviaBuzz email content, the email managers saved a significant amount of time on building emails. Moreover, they found out that the subscriber engagement improved with the feed of interesting and new content in the email messages.

Previously, we spent around 20 hours creating emails and setting up such campaigns. After  implementation of Feeds, we saved 42% of our time - namely 11.6 hours! We no longer need to create a new email campaign every time but we only monitor feed campaigns.

Image 3: Time spent on creating email campaigns

Once we had the initial results, we compared the metrics of 2 campaigns sent to the same audience with the same settings. The first table below represents the regular static content. The second table has the statistics from the dynamic content which was built with InboxSuite Feeds.

The statistics from the last 30 days of the respective campaigns:

Over to you

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