Knowledge base

Feeds Guide

Feeds is a system for preparing dynamic content, based on user preferences, according to predetermined rules.

Machine Learning Guide

InboxSuite allows you to reach out to more customers than you could using manual marketing engagement processes. 

Scoring Guide

Scoring shows the likelihood of a subscriber to interact on a particular website: the higher the scoring, the greater the probability to click when delivering an email to them.

Triggered Flows Guide

Triggered flows are an additional way to stay in touch with your subscribers, apart from the initial flows. Learn how to use them to your advantage.

Initial Flows Guide

With initial flows you make sure AI onboards your profiles in a way that it sends the right message to the right person at the right time. Learn how.

Subscriber Interests Guide

How to make sure you have enough data points from subscribers to make a healthy assessment to reach the ultimate goal? Read on to find out.

Website For Mailing Guide

Website is the core point that helps you use AI solutions. Learn how a properly configured website can maximize the efficiency of InboxSuite.

Data Onboarding Guide

Onboard data to InboxSuite. Learn to take advantage of detailed traffic reporting that shows the quality of your traffic channels, sources, and landing pages.

Editorials Guide

After creating the customer journey steps, it’s time to create unique editorials you can map to each flow. Learn more about static and dynamic editorials.