Case Studies

AI for Copywriting: a Case Study by InboxSuite Content Team

Does AI really create copy that feels natural, is reader-friendly and versatile? Does it actually save time? Let's find out!

Monetization Options Inside and Outside of an Email

Learn a few ideas of meaningful monetization methods that your business can use.

Reactivating 32% of Dormant Subscribers with CLV: a case study by Math&Mind

Learn how Math&Mind reactivated 32% of dormant subscribers with InboxSuite CLV

Why are Confirmation Emails Important? A Technique to Improve Double Opt-In Confirmation Rate by DailyHoroscope

Learn how DailyHoroscope improved their Double Opt-in confirmation rate.

How to double your email conversion by changing the design of your templates

Math&Mind helps subscribers boost brain activity in an entertaining manner and they use email channel to provide them with educational mathematical content. They have currently above 50,000 active subscribers and their content library has more than 800 creatives.

How Math&Mind won back inactive users with InboxSuite CLV and hit 222% ROI

Math&Mind is one of the leading websites which provides educational mathematical content. The company uses email content to help subscribers boost brain activity in an entertaining manner. Email, SMS, and Push are the main communication channels for the company.

How to Reduce Time for Content Management by 42% and Increase CTR by 23%

Learn how Trivia Buzz used InboxSuite Feeds solution to improve their content management and increase engagement.