Inbox Rate: Monitor deliverability
in real-time

Know exactly where your email campaigns are landing

Having the best email content and marketing tools won't bring results to you if your emails can't make it to your subscribers' inbox. As a part of our deliverability toolset, Inbox Rate provides live deliverability monitoring using dedicated mailboxes for the leading mailbox providers. Book a Demo

Keep an eye on your deliverability with daily reports and comprehensive dashboard

Check your inbox deliverability on Inbox Rate dashboard with email data grouped by mailbox providers, email campaigns, sender IPs or domains. Receive daily customizable reports to your inbox to stay on top of your email revenues and avoid deliverability pitfalls. Book a Demo

Dedicated mailboxes for your brand allocated for each subscriber type

Inbox Rate monitors your deliverability using dedicated mailboxes for your website. You won't be sharing seed mailboxes with other companies. All deliverability signals are unique for your brand which increases the accuracy of the reports. Moreover, we build audience groups for all subscriber types like active, engaged, or inactive. Book a Demo